Under Construction

wpid-20150127_110805.jpgIt was George Bernard Shaw who wrote, “Progress is impossible without change.” This rings true on campus this year as we walk past fences and find new passages around construction and blocked hallways.

Change can be inconvenient and intrusive, but we endure it because we know it comes with purpose, and we anticipate the results.

Hopefully, campus construction will bring new students and new opportunities for the college and for the community, so we work around the mess.

We’re also joining in…

wpid-20150127_103755.jpgTo avoid stagnation, we’re modifying our blog.

You can look forward to monthly themes such as marriage, travel, fashion, technology, outdoors, and, of course, reading and teaching (and more).

We’ll also have a new design and look.

Write Some Whatnot re-launches February 3rd with Jane’s new post on marriage.

We hope you find these adjustments positive and enjoyable as we travel through a new year together.

In the meantime, pardon our mess!

We welcome your feedback in the comments, and we look forward to 2015!

Hard Hat Kericropped ~ Keri

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