Break Week

It’s Spring Break here, and although I would love to be hanging out in Fort Lauderdale, or the many other Spring Break destinations, I’m at home grading papers and catching up on some work. Of course, some of my time will be spent sleeping in and participating in other enjoyable activities.

This is the time of year when students and instructors are a bit brain dead. We need this break to reflect back on what we’ve learned so far and power up to push to the end of the semester.

To power up for the end, it’s important to focus on some relaxation as well as being productive. So, besides grading, here are my goals for the week:

1) Sleep in until at least 8:00 or 9:00 at least once this week.

2) Ride my bike anywhere I go around town.

3) Keep my regularly scheduled exercise routine.

4) Sit outside in the sun (weather permitting) and read my book.

5) Try a new recipe.

I have already accomplished #5. The new recipe I tried comes from It uses eggplant in place of lasagna noodles. The steps are rather involved, but well worth the work. After dirtying practically ever pan in the house, and running to the store for forgotten ingredients, the meal was filling, healthy, and rather low in calories. Served with a green salad, it creates a colorful and delightful dish.

Although this will be a quiet week for me, it’s a well-deserved break.

What are your Spring Break plans?


11 thoughts on “Break Week

  1. I love eggplant!… and how do we manage to have work to do over break? I graded papers on a lovely little screened porch yesterday, with palm trees and hibiscus plants moving gently in the Florida breeze just beyond. I have swum in the Gulf twice.

  2. i am reading trashy magazines and p.d. james. i should cook and paint and write, but i’m trying desperately not to should on myself. great post.

  3. I grade a few papers and then go swim in the Gulf for awhile and come back and grade a few more before having fresh seafood for dinner.. I can handle this

  4. The eggplant lasagne looks wonderful. I love your post and think the blog is a great idea.
    I miss you all,

  5. I loved the conference I attended, but it ate up my grading time, so here I am. Love your schedule, Jane! That sounds like a wonderful break. It has been warm here at least.

  6. Eggplant lasagna is delicious. Infact, just some grilled eggplant with a nice garlic butter sauce is amazing.

    I should have made this over my spring break. Ah, my miss-spent youth…

  7. My brother made some lasagna like this before, it was pretty tasty! Glad you had some great goals for your break….

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